Dental materials

  • High-end restorations, efficient processing and perfect color.

  • In order to save processing time, our zirconia restorations have high color accuracy, high fit and perfect transparency, so it can improve production efficiency and greatly reduce the pain of patients.

1. Scanning and Design: High-speed scanning. Efficient production.

  • Autoscan YS-6

    Use a scanner to generate digital models and create digital color model files.

    • High scan speed perfectly matched to design software exocad DentalCAD.

    • Components for optimal coordination: scanning equipment, CAD/CAM software and Yourcera Y-5A+ dental milling machine

    • Proven workflow for increased reliability and efficiency

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2. Key: Superior quality, bionics and aesthetics.

  • MINESMILE Zirconia block

    Zirconia discs with gradient layering technology for superior quality and unforgettable results
    • Revolutionary materials provide maximum flexibility
    • Suitable for all major applications and processing technologies
    • Pure color with high transparency and seamless gradient

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3. Production: Only a powerful machine can guarantee fast production.

  • Dental milling machine .Y-5A+

    It is a high-efficiency dental milling machine for the digital production of high-precision restorations.
    • Efficient milling for high-precision zirconia restorations
    • User-friendly interface and easy operation
    • Can process a variety of materials,
    • Horizontal machining for greater precision
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4. Sintering: fast crystallization for perfect results

  • Rapid sintering furnace . YF-6

    This is our latest sintering furnace for fast sintering of teeth.
    • Large color touch display for easy operation
    • Heating with high power silicon molybdenum rod for fast sintering and high efficiency
    • Integrate a variety of rapid sintering programs, which can quickly sinter crowns, bridges, and half mouths

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5. Results: Post-processing to install

After a series of treatments such as shaping, glazing, etc., you can get the perfect result

We manufacture a full range of zirconia discs for different restorations and can be processed on any equipment on the market

  • 4D Multilayer

    8-layer design, specially designed for half mouth, 3D upgraded version

  • 3D Multilayer

    6 layers Multilayer color, prefect bending strength and translucency.

  • SHT Multilayer

    Multilayer color,
    No additional staining required

  • UT Multilayer

    Multilayer color,Utmost transparency


    16 pre-shaded zirconia blank,with no color-dipping or staining required


    High transparency white zirconia,


    Super transparency white zirconia


    Utmost transparency white zirconia