The Y-6010 porcelain furnace is a low-cost and high-performance perfect solution, and the highly integrated complex circuit provides a solid guarantee for efficient sintering.

  • The perfect Y-6010 is the most cost-effective porcelain furnace in the world.

  • Y-6010 porcelain furnace for dental clinic /dental lab

    The Y-6010 porcelain oven has extremely perfect performance in maintaining the transparency and appearance of the porcelain. The use of Sr-3 soft fire regeneration technology enhances the strength of the dental porcelain body and prolongs the lifespan of the porcelain product.


    The velocity of temperature increasing: 200℃/min max.

    The max temperature: 1200℃

    The time which can be kept at the max temperature: 2 h Vacuum level:1-101%


    Operation range:100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ

  • Electric current:14.5ampere@110V 7.0ampere@230V

    Max Power:1500w
    WXDXH :width 27cm Depth 36cm Height 53cm
    Usable measure (firing chamber):9cm
    Net weight:19Kg

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    Guaranteed technical update of equipment, tools and materials

  • Professional dental lab

    Guarantee that all products are fully validated

  • Specialized industrial workshop

    Industrial production ensures timeliness of global supply

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