Y-9C adopts top-notch Danish silicon carbide rods and innovates low-voltage driving technology, which can greatly reduce the thermal load of the silicon carbide rods and effectively extend their lifespan.

  • Fast temperature rise to 1530℃ in 20 minutes!

  • Y-9C Fast sintering furning for dental clinic

    Y-9C is a fast sintering furnace specifically developed for dental clinics. It has a beautiful appearance, small size, and simple operation, making it very suitable for use by chairside

    A crown can be sintered in only50 minutes

    • Fast sintering and accurate temperature control
    • Friendly interface and simple operation
    • Small size and beautiful appearance
  • 1.Fast sintering of the fully form
    3.Maximum sintering temperature 1530 ℃℃
    4.Finish glazing in 9 minutes
    5.Maximum heating speed 200℃/ S
    6.Ready to use after power on, without 2 hours
    of preheating
    7.Active cooling
    8.Crown restoration 4-10(60mm dianeter tray)
    9.W*L*H:27*36*56cm AND 29*22*13.5cm

    Operation range:100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
    Electric current:11.5ampere@110V 5.5ampere@230V
    Power:max 1200w

    Voltage controller. The service life of the silicon elema is effectively prolonged.

    Each stage has voice prompt. Program selection prompt
    to prevent using wrong program.

YF-1650 adopts high-purity silicon molybdenum rods imported from Germany for heating, with a maximum power of 4000W heating system, which ensures heating efficiency while also improving the service life of the sintering furnace

  • Fast temperature rise to 1530℃ in 15 minutes!

  • YF-1650 Fast sintering furning for dental lab

    YF-1650 is a fast sintering furnace specifically developed for dental lab. It has a beautiful appearance, Large furnace, capable of sintering up to 200 teeth at a time, and simple operation, making it very suitable for use by labside

    A crown can be sintered in only50 minutes

    • High power silicon molybdenum rod technology
    • 100mm * 100mm furnace can crystallize any zirconia denture
    • Humanized operation interface, simple and easy to learn
  • Type of protection against electric shock:
    Protection Class I device
    Degree of protection against ingress of water:
    Ordinary device
    Setup location: Indoors in dry area
    Height up to 2000 m
    Temperature range: 5℃ to 40℃
    (41°F to 104°F)
    Relative humidity 80% up to 31℃ (87.8°F),
    above this decreasing linearly
    to 50% at 40℃(104°F), no condensation
    Overvoltage category: II

  • Pollution degree: 2
    Mode of operation Continuous operation
    Dimensions of unit (W x H x D in mm):
    430x 780x 520
    Dimensions of packaged unit (W x H x D in mm):
    Furnace chamber: 100mm x 100 mm height
    Maximum sintering temperature: 1,650℃
    Approx. weight without packaging: 75 kg
    Approx. weight including packaging: 85 kg
    Rated line voltage : 230 V AC
    Rated line frequency: 50/60Hz
    Rated current consumption: 20 A

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