Wet Dental Milling Machine . Y-5W+

The 5-axis milling machine for wet machining.

  • 5. Axes / 3. Tools / 3. Blocks

  • The Y-5W+ is a wet processing machine for grinding glass ceramics, titanium abutments and composites. This machine combines the high precision and fast drives common to all Yourcera machines with a liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing. Designed with the iconic split horizontal cutting technology, it is suitable for clinics, laboratories and denture factories.

  • Five-axis linkage technology

    Using five-axis linkage technology, the processing is more surprising and the precision is higher

  • Better machining accuracy

    Using horizontal machining technology, the center is lower, the machine stability is better, and the machining accuracy is higher

  • Original split design

    The control unit and processing unit of the equipment are highly integrated, effectively reducing equipment space and making it more suitable for dental clinics

  • More material options

    Can process a variety of materials such as glass ceramics and Premill Titanium Block to meet more needs

  • Easy Interface

    • Adopt modular icon interface, the overall style is simple and clear
    • The operation interface is set up logically and clearly, easy to learn, and can be skillfully operated
      in 10 minutes.

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