CAD/CAM chairside

Glass ceramic (Lithium Disilicate Block )

  • Same-day restoration of MINESMILE glass-ceramic CAD restorations

  • A very popular quick restoration material for the world's most popular CAD/CAM machining techniques, yourcera dental milling machines enable same-day restorative treatments - from initial consultation to aftercare. Let you enjoy beautiful, durable and accurate restorations with an efficient and time-saving workflow.

1. Scanning and Design: High-speed scanning. Efficient production.

  • Autoscan YS-150

    Use a scanner to generate digital models and create digital color model files.
    • High scan speed perfectly matched to design software exocad DentalCAD.
    • Components for optimal coordination: scanning equipment, CAD/CAM software and Yourcera Y-5A+ dental milling machine
    • Proven workflow for increased reliability and efficiency
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2. Key: Superior quality, bionics and aesthetics.

  • MINESMILE Glass ceramic block

    The perfect combination of biomimetic material science and aesthetics, the ultra-high-strength physical properties are suitable for the manufacture of aesthetic veneers and full-contour restorations.
    • Pure color and high transparency
    • Perfect high-strength physical properties
    • Long-term survival characteristics, the service life can reach more than 10 years

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3. Production: Only a powerful machine can guarantee fast production.

  • Dental milling machine .Y-5W+

    It is a high-efficiency dental milling machine for the digital production of high-precision restorations.
    • Efficient milling for high-precision glass ceramic restorations

    • Intelligent system can achieve remote control and diagnosis
    • User-friendly interface and easy operation
    • Can process a variety of materials,
    • Horizontal machining for greater precision
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4. Sintering: fast crystallization for perfect results

  • Y-6010 Most cost-effective porcelain oven

  • Porcelain furnace. Y-6010

    This is our latest vacuum sintering furnace for fast sintering of glass ceramic and porcelain teeth.
    • Large color touch display for easy operation
    • Adopt quartz spiral furnace, fast sintering speed and high efficiency
    • Automatic temperature adjustment function to ensure that the actual temperature error is within ±1°
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5. Results: Post-processing to install

After a series of treatments such as shaping, glazing, etc., you can get the perfect result

  • Finished effect

  • After installation

We manufacture a full range of glass ceramic blocks for different restorations and can be processed on any equipment on the market

MINESMILE glass ceramic product family

The highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramic