Wet dental milling machine . Y-5TC

The 5-axis milling machine for Titanium Column

  • 5. Axes / 8. Tools / 8. Position

  • The Y-5TC is a dental milling machine specifically developed for dental laboratories. It has 8 processing positions and can efficiently process personalized benches and glass ceramics. The machine adopts 5-axis linkage technology, resulting in higher processing accuracy. The high-power spindle is used for clamping, resulting in higher processing efficiency

  • Five-axis linkage technology

    Using five-axis linkage technology, the processing is more surprising and the precision is higher

  • Better machining accuracy

    High-power spindle and integrated casting frame are adopted to ensure machining efficiency and improve machining accuracy and stability.

  • Original split design

    The processing unit and cooling unit are designed separately, and the auxiliary unit is placed in the lower cabinet, which is beautiful in appearance and convenient to transport.

  • More material options

    8 positions can process a variety of materials such as glass ceramics and Premill Titanium Block to meet more needs

  • Easy Interface

    • Adopt modular icon interface, the overall style is simple and clear
    • The operation interface is set up logically and clearly, easy to learn, and can be skillfully operated
      in 10 minutes.

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