• ①System linkage control

    Vacuum cleaner matching Y-5A+ milling machine, Can realize linkage function, make your operation more convenient

  • ②High power fan

    Equipped with high-power fan and pulse cleaning function, dust cleaning is more efficient

  • ③Small size

    The equipment is small in size, beautiful in appearance, and does not occupy extra working space, especially for small lab.

  • High Air volume brushless motor

    • No vibration
    • Large air volume
    • Low noise etc.
  • HEPA Filter

    Multi-stage filtration is adopted to achieve good collection effect and meet the requirements of emission level.

  • Collecting bucket

    • 10L dust collector
    • Easy dump dust
  • Super mute

    Sound-absorbing sponge in side, which makes the motor noise lower than 55 decibels

Technical Parameters

  1. Power on linkage with Y-5D
  2. 53 decibels for quiet comfort
  3. Super filter, free from dust disturbance
  4. Compact and beautiful, one-button operation
  5. One-touch dust removal
  • size:380*520*660
  • weight:38kg
  • Power:350w
  • Voltage:220v-230v

Premium Quality In Our Specialized factory

  • A laboratory in South America

    Its processing efficiency is very high, our laboratory likes Y-5A+

  • A senior dentist

    "The Y-5A+ provides the accuracy and speed I need for crowns and bridges, , I found the right tools for success."

  • David

    He saved 80% of my time and let me just take care of the patient!

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