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Machines, Materials and Tools

※ Milling machines for dental lab

※ Milling machines for Clinic

※ For dry or wet machining

※ For blocks or discs

dental milling machine| cnc milling machine for dental

Milling Machine

Discover our impressive line of 5-axis milling and grinding machines. yourcera's dental machines and tools are highly recognized for their highest precision and outstanding ease of operation during processing.

Milling machine

Good equipment needs good tools to maximize its benefits, yourcera tools are perfectly suitable for all kinds of dental milling machines and grinders, using import diamond so that can mill out 600 units crowns!

CAD/CAM zirconia block glass ceramic for dental milling machine

A perfect restoration requires a good machine and a good material, yourcera zirconium blocks and glass ceramics provide perfect support

  • Dry milling machine Y-5A+

    Quality proven thousands of times even better: with the dental milling machine Y-5A+ with revolutionary 5-axis technology, you will have a perfect experience.

  • Wet milling machine. Y-5W

    The Y-5W is a true 5-axis wet machine for grinding or milling glass-ceramic, composite and zirconia blocks, and titanium abutments.

  • Milling and grinding tools for dental technology

    Precision machining guarantees the best performance, the perfect tool for every material, sourced from yourcera

  • Zirconia Block

    Our zirconia restorations feature with super nature performance, high color reproduction and perfect compatibility, Make it impossible for others to see that the patients wear a denture.

    Zirconia block 
  • Glass ceramic

    "Minesmile" glass-ceramic is suitable for the efficient manufacture of full-contour restorations, it is the perfect combination of aesthetics and biomimetic material, known for its versatile application and fast restoration

    Glass ceramic 

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Yourcera develops and produces milling machines for milling and grinding, incl. Auxiliary equipment, material and tools to the highest standards entirely in Germany unanimously praised by customers around the world

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