Why should I wear a crown after root canal therapy?

“It is believed that everyone has such confusion, so why do people wear crowns after root canal therapy?  ”

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What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy has a wide range of applications. Pulpitis, pulp necrosis, and various types of periapical periodontitis are suitable for root canal therapy, including pulpitis caused by caries, cracked teeth, excessive consumption, and pulp penetration, and pulp necrosis that cannot retain vital pulp.

"Root canal therapy" is not only to "kill" the dental pulp in the "root canal", but also to remove the dental pulp from the "root canal", and then to thoroughly clean and strictly disinfect, and to tightly fill the "root canal" with artificial filling materials.

However, the teeth that kill nerves are actually very fragile. This is mainly because:

1It is impossible to recover the function simply by using materials

Because the teeth that need root canal therapy have a large defect of decayed teeth. Although root canal therapy is completed at this time, the remaining tooth tissues are very fragile, easy to break, split, and lose their normal functions. It is impossible to recover their functions with materials alone.

2. Not enough strength to support chewing after treatment

Root canal therapy is to remove and disinfect the residues and bacteria in the root canal as much as possible by using drugs and instruments. However, if this disinfection process is to be carried out seriously, many teeth infected by bacteria and tooth tissues that have to be corrected must be removed. Therefore, once root canal therapy is carried out, most teeth may not be strong enough to support chewing and may break.

3. Loss of nutritional supply from dental pulp

After root canal therapy, the teeth lose the nutrition supply from the dental pulp, just like the trees that lose their roots, they slowly wither and become very fragile, resulting in increased fragility and easy splitting of the teeth.

What is the state of the tooth after root canal treatment?

Our posterior molars may bear a force of 50 to 70 kilograms during normal chewing. The teeth after root canal therapy become fragile and are at risk of splitting at any time during use. Therefore, the teeth after root canal therapy should be protected.

What if "crowning" doesn't solve the problem? Staples will help!

After root canal therapy, because of the structure of the tooth itself and the need of treatment, the center of the crown is generally empty. At this time, if you directly make the braces, the anti breaking force is very poor. Generally, you need to put a pile nail on the root to make a solid core to fight against the breaking force of the teeth in use.


For the posterior teeth, the upper crowns must be made after the root canal treatment, otherwise the teeth are easy to break when bearing the occlusal force. A few posterior teeth that have completed root canal therapy do not need to be post nailed if they want to have a single crown and only need to repair enough residual dentin. However, if the posterior teeth that have completed root canal therapy are to be the abutments of dentures, they can be post nailed no matter how much dentin remains.

In the early days, if the tooth decayed into the pulp cavity, because the root canal therapy technology was not developed at that time, the tooth almost could not escape the fate of breaking, so most teeth would eventually choose to be pulled out. With the continuous development of root canal therapy technology, the probability of tooth retention is also greatly improved. Therefore, it is better to put on the teeth after root canal therapy to reduce the chance of fracture and finally achieve the goal of keeping their own teeth.

What if tooth splitting has occurred?

 1. Only individual cusps or a few teeth split, and most of the remaining teeth were stable, without occlusal pain, and no apical lesions were found when taking dental films!

Treatment needed: The active part of the split can be pulled out and then the crown can be repaired.


2. If the split has just occurred, and the position is in the center of the tooth, neither part is loose or painful, the gingiva is not swollen, there is no bite pain, and there is no pathological change at the root tip.

Treatment required: The two parts of the split teeth can be tied firmly before crown repair.

This method cannot guarantee 100% success. It is very troublesome for doctors to operate. Not all doctors are willing to do it.


3. If the split is in the middle of the tooth, the activity is more obvious, plus symptoms such as swelling and pain.

Treatment needed: usually it must be removed. Three months after extraction, implant dentures, removable dentures or fixed dentures can be selected according to the indications. At this time, the cost of tooth extraction plus inlay is far more than the cost of making a crown repair!

Crown restoration after root canal therapy can save money

The teeth after root canal therapy should not be repaired without crowns to save money. Once the teeth are split, even if there is a chance to repair them with crowns, they are not the original complete teeth; If the split is serious, it will not only cost a lot of money to insert the tooth after extraction, but also the original tooth is not inserted!

In that case, why not make a porcelain crown or an all ceramic crown directly to protect the teeth after the root canal treatment at the beginning? At least at the beginning, it protects a complete tooth

dental zirconia block, dental milling machine,detal cnc milling machine
dental zirconia cad cam zirconia crown

Therefore, crown restoration after root canal therapy is a way to save money on the basis of complete teeth!

Some people may say that if I use it carefully after root canal therapy, I will not let the teeth split!

Of course. At the same time, we should also know that the teeth, as a part of our side, are meant to serve us. If we can't even chew normally and eat normally, will we feel sad?

Some people may say that if I use it carefully after root canal therapy, I will not let the teeth split!

How TO choose crowns?

The porcelain fused to metal crown, which is very popular now, has a realistic shape, does not change color, and has been used for a long time. It can better retain the teeth after root canal treatment. There are basically two kinds of porcelain crowns: metal crowns and all ceramic crowns.

Because there is no nerve in the teeth, they will lose their vitality. Without the supply of nutrition, the teeth will gradually become dark, affecting their beauty. The color of all ceramic teeth can maintain natural color no matter under light or natural light, so they are popular with film stars and public figures. All ceramic crowns have good biocompatibility, will not affect the oral environment, and can be permanently preserved in the mouth. Because the material is composed of all ceramic materials, it is placed in the mouth, and there will be no ugly black lines around the gums, so the aesthetic effect is excellent.

With the development of technology, the processing technology of all-porcelain teeth is becoming more and more mature. All-ceramic teeth are mainly processed zirconia blocks into teeth by dental milling machine through cad/cam technology, and then after crystallization using a sintering furnace, you will get a denture comparable to real teeth, and the whole process can be completed in one day, which can achieve a real same-day restoration, which greatly reduces the pain of patients.

Yourcera's digital solution is the perfect solution for this entire process.

To understand the whole process of all-ceramic denture, you can read my article " What is zirconia all ceramic tooth? How are zirconia all ceramic teeth processed?" to learn more.


zirconia crown
zirconia crown

Relatively speaking, the effect of porcelain fused to metal teeth will be a little unsatisfactory. Because if it is done for a long time, the metal is easy to be oxidized, and the oxidized metal ions will be released, which will cause black lines on the gum edge. Moreover, some metals can stimulate gums, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, no matter from the aesthetic point of view or from the health standpoint, doctors recommend that you choose all ceramic teeth to protect the 'fragile' teeth after root canal treatment.

Precautions after wearing the crown

After root canal therapy, besides wearing the crown in time, we also need to pay more attention and take care of the teeth. The following precautions must be known during chewing:

1. Avoid biting hard objects. Although the teeth basically recovered their chewing function after root canal therapy, they lost their dental pulp and were much more fragile than before. For porcelain crowns, try to avoid biting hard objects.

2. After root canal therapy, the teeth will feel a little uncomfortable due to the stimulation of the deactivator. If the discomfort can disappear after a short time, it is a normal reaction. After a period of time, if the tooth is painful, red and swollen, you must go to the hospital in time for inspection and treatment.

3. After root canal therapy, the affected teeth returned to health. However, because the overall oral hygiene status has not changed, the teeth will still suffer from disease. Therefore, after finishing root canal therapy and wearing dental crowns for protection, we should pay more attention to oral hygiene, brush our teeth in the morning and evening, rinse our mouth after meals, and develop good hygiene habits.

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