Dry dental milling machine . Y-5A+

The 5-axis milling machine for dry machining.

  • 5. Axes 4. Tools 1. Discs 1. Block

  • The quality of the market-proven upgrade is now even better: with the Y-5A+ you will get perfect milling results. Five-axis linkage technology is used to process restorations of various materials. The revolutionary use of secondary gripper technology maximizes material savings and improves accuracy. Helping you get the highest quality results. Horizontal machining technology combined with a particularly stable bed structure made of solid castings ensures first-class machining results.

  • A laboratory in South America

    Its processing efficiency is very high, our laboratory likes Y-5A+

  • A senior dentist

    "The Y-5A+ provides the accuracy and speed I need for crowns and bridges, , I found the right tools for success."

  • David

    He saved 80% of my time and let me just take care of the patient!

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Production workshop

  • Five-axis linkage technology

    Using five-axis linkage technology, the processing is more surprising and the precision is higher

  • More material saving

    The use of plastic secondary clamps effectively protects the tool and increases the utilization rate of materials

  • Better machining accuracy

    Using horizontal machining technology, the center is lower, the machine stability is better, and the machining accuracy is higher

  • Original split design

    The electrical unit of the equipment is separated from the processing unit, which effectively increases the life of the equipment and makes maintenance more convenient