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  • The latest upgraded dry 5-axis dental milling machine

    YOURCERA is a leading manufacturer of dental milling machines. Whether it's a dental clinic, dental laboratory, or dental training institution, you can use this latest intelligent dental milling machine to bring passion to your workspace. This dental milling machine adopts a friendly intelligent system, which is very suitable for use in denture processing institutions.

  • Remote control technology

    After networking, remote control and fault detection of devices can be achieved,Let you not worry about the after-sales service of the machine.

  • Vertical carving technology

    When processing front teeth, it can enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the teeth and make them more beautiful

  • Better machining accuracy

    Using horizontal machining technology, the center is lower, the machine stability is better, and the machining accuracy is higher

  • Original split design

    The electrical unit of the equipment is separated from the processing unit, which effectively increases the life of the equipment and makes maintenance more convenient

Premium Quality In Our Specialized factory

  • A laboratory in South America

    Its processing efficiency is very high, our laboratory likes Y-5A+

  • A senior dentist

    "The Y-5A+ provides the accuracy and speed I need for crowns and bridges, , I found the right tools for success."

  • David

    He saved 80% of my time and let me just take care of the patient!

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