What is a 5-axis dental CNC milling machine?

The machine tool is a symbol of a country's manufacturing level. In the precision processing industry and the military industry, the machine tool has developed to the so-called 7-9 motion axes, but only five axes can move in coordination at the same time. The more axes, the more complex the parts to be processed. At present, 5-axis linkage technology is the highest in the industry.

The dental industry is a highly developed industry for the application of medical devices. The 5-axis linkage machine tool technology has been widely used in the denture processing industry. What is the 5-axis machine tool?

5-axis machine tool is a machine tool that contains five motion axes that can be linked to move in the same coordinate. In addition to X, Y, Z, these five axes also have a rotation axis and a swing axis. The rotation axis can be either A axis or B axis or C axis. The rotation axis can rotate 360 degrees. The swing axis is the axis that drives the rotation axis to swing after the definition of the rotation axis. The oscillating axle can only swing within a certain angle, rather than 360 degrees. The angle of swing has a lot to do with the additional type to be processed and the processing space of the equipment.


For example, the five axes of yourcera's dental milling machine are X  Y  Z  A  B, where axis A is the rotation axis and axis B is the swing axis. As shown below

The use of five axis linkage dental milling machine can make it easier to process dentures and greatly improve the processing accuracy; In addition, the 5-axis linkage machine tool can save many special tools in processing, so the use cost of tools is reduced. For example, the yourcera dental milling machine can use only four types of tools to process various zirconia, wax, pmma, peek and other material discs, fully meeting all the needs of dental clinics and laboratories.

In the following article, I will analyze the internal structure and working principle of the five axis CNC machine tool in more detail. Please look forward to it!

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