4 kinds equipment for digital dentistry

With the progress of science, the dental industry is also quietly undergoing radical changes, and digital equipment is gradually approaching our vision, becoming an indispensable part of the dental clinic or dental laboratory.

Let's talk about six pieces of equipment that are essential for digital dentistry.

First, dental milling machine

In recent years, the high price of all-ceramic teeth gradually come into the public eye, with the advancement of technology, the price is gradually affordable up, then the production of all-ceramic denture, it is natural that dental milling machine.

Dental milling machine is divided into dry and wet two kinds, dry milling machine is mainly used to process zirconia and some flexible materials used; wet milling machine is mainly used in the chairside restoration and medical cosmetic aspects more, wet milling machine is mainly processing objects are glass ceramic and pre-mill titanium , the next article we will further explain in detail.

Y-5W DENTAL grinding machines

Second, the sintering furnace

Zirconia Sintering Furnace

Speaking of all-ceramic denture, naturally can not be separated from the sintering furnace, because the teeth need to be processed out of high temperature crystallization to generate the crystal clear denture we see, so this process, the sintering furnace is very important.

Third, 3d printer

All the denture processing is inseparable from the production of dental molds, the traditional casting process has not met the current demand, especially for large dental clinics or dental laboratories, then the 3d printer is definitely a good partner, a good printer can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Fourth, the scanner

The collection of the front model is mainly in the clinic end, in the past we are using manual sampling, increasing the pain of patients, and unhygienic, then at this time and an intraoral scanner can solve these problems, intraoral scanner as the front-end equipment of digital dentistry, can be seamlessly integrated with the back of the process, so that the entire process throughout, greatly increasing our work efficiency.

In the next article, we will explain these devices in detail, so stay tuned. . . .

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